"Through the Arts,
We quicken the creative spirit in the individual and community and foster brotherly love."



Sajda Musawwir Ladner faithfully and exuberantly served as UTA's Artistic and Executive Director for almost 40 years. Under her stewardship, UTA became a cornerstone of arts education for young members of the New Brighton community and beyond, offering hands-on, experiential, and creative programs that uplift, enlighten, inspire, and facilitate unique learning and enrichment opportunities that only the arts can foster -- always without charge.

Sajda Musawwir's passion was to ensure that UTA would always remain a resource for the neighborhood and she championed the purchase of the building that housed its programs. Up to the moment of her untimely death, she worked to ensure the future of UTA at 425 Jersey Street, developing a plan to secure ownership of the building and renovate it so it would continue to serve as a place to "quicken the creative spirit in the individual and the community and foster brotherly love."

In Sajda Musawwir's honor, a fund has been created to support that goal. If you would like to contribute to that fund, please consider making your donation today. The campaign is ongoing. Our goal is to raise $75,000 by June 30, 2024.


UTA has been an essential cultural arts and education organization servicing Staten Island community members of all ages for over 55 years. Your tax-deductible donation makes you an important part of our organization and a dedicated supporter of arts, educational and cultural programs. You may use the following options to donate to UTA:

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Universal Temple of the Arts
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